Window Cleaning


T Glaze cleaning services will leave your window frames and glass sparkling while making sure that all health and safety regulations are adhered to. All our workers are fully trained, insured and work to our strict health and safety guidelines at all times.


We use a high reach pure water fed pole system, the benefits of this are:


  • Windows stay cleaner for longer

  • Full window clean, including sills, frame and glass

  • Increased privacy

  • No ladders means no large holes left in your prized lawn or borders


Our window cleaning service:


  • We can text the day before your clean is due so you can leave access and do not need to be in

  • We offer various payment methods inc cash, cheque, GoCardless & bank transfers

  • Several storey window cleans

  • All our vans are fitted with the latest hot water technology to ensure that your windows are cleaned all year round. 



Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 cleans before your windows are spotless. After your first few cleans some streaks or water spots may be left on the glass. This is because it can take a while to remove all detergents and films from the windows and rubber seals. However within a short time your windows will be perfectly clean.